Youth and Campus

The EJCC is a lead organization supporting Climate Justice education and leadership development. We offer specialized workshops and consultation for student organizations interested in increasing understanding and engagement on environmental and climate justice.  We also host  a number of leadership development programs designed to enhance the engagement of  low-income and/or youth of color in the Environmental sector.

Our programs include:

Climate Justice Corps

Created in 2003, the Climate Justice Corps trains and connects youth leaders to internship and fellowship opportunities with Environmental Justice Organizations across the United States. Alumni of the program have developed into leaders and change makers in the national and international movements for Climate and Environmental Justice. Some notable Climate Justice Corps Alumni Include, Shadia Fayne Wood (Class of 2005) New Leadership Initiative, Brower Youth Award Winner and Founder of Project Survival Media, Sunyoung Yang Executive Director of the Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles and Former EJCC director, current Activist in Residence at Bennett College For Women, Nia Robinson.

To learn more about the Climate Justice Corp and how to apply for an upcoming class please send statement of interest to

Energy Action Coalition Partnerships:
Energy Action Coalition is a coalition of 50 youth-led environmental and social justice groups working together to build the youth clean energy and climate movement. The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative is a member organization of the Energy Action Coalition. Through this partnership The EJCC supports campus and youth based campaigns including:

The Campus Climate Challenge (2006-2009):

The Campus Climate Challenge was a three year campaign launched in 2006 by the Energy Action Coalition. The mission of the Campus Climate Challenge was to spur a new wave of investment in renewable energy on college campuses from coast to coast. The EJCC specifically engaged Historically Black Colleges around the United States including Dillard University (New Orleans), Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU), Grambling State University, Howard University, Morgan State University and Morehouse College. EJCC was able to support these campuses and more in creating environmental sustainability plans and increasing environmental awareness on campus.

Power Shift Youth Summits
In November 2007 The Energy Action Coalition hosted the first ever national youth summit on Climate Change in United States history. Over 6,000 young people gathered together to advocate for a clean and renewable energy future. This Conference was the beginning of a growing movement to spark dozens of Power Shifts in states and countries across the United States and the world. The EJCC and our member organizations, Black Mesa Water Coalition, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Southwest Workers Union have played key roles in planning, recruitment and support for Power Shift conferences. Most recently, The Energy Action Coalition hosted Power Shift 2011, April 15-18, 2011 in Washington, DC. This national conference brought out over 10,000 young people. To learn more about the history of Power Shifting please visit

Power Vote
Power Vote is a non-partisan campaign to bring clean energy, climate change and environmental justice to the forefront of the upcoming midterm elections. In hundreds of campuses and communities across the country, people are building power and support behind local clean energy solutions and taking it to candidates to ask them to stand with us, not the polluters. We are working to take control of our government away from polluters and put it back in the hands of the people. By transitioning to clean, just and renewable energy, rather than continuing to rely on destructive energy sources like oil and coal, we will build healthy, free and thriving communities for ourselves and future generations. To learn more please visit: