Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is climate change real?

Yes. Next question. Just kidding, let us explain. 98% of scientists who study climate change agree that the effects are real, and that the numbers do actually indicate that a global warming is in effect. This is not a drill: climate change is real. Even if you choose to ignore that reality, it’s hard to ignore that 2016 is one of the hottest years on record and that more and more species are dying off as a result. Don’t believe us? That’s fine, but do your research. Denial is not the same as skepticism.

  • Why does global warming really matter?

You’re probably thinking, “Oh a few extra degrees won’t kill us. It will feel great!” And it may at first. Winters may be warmer and shorter (in fact they already are), and everyone may enjoy an extended growing season. But then what? Rising temperature evaporate water supply, causing droughts and killing off animals who rely on those water supplies. Plants dry up- no trading CO2 for O2 now. Polar ice caps melt, releasing gases that have been trapped for millennia, further increasing greenhouse gases and raising the temperature. I don’t know. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

  • What can I do to stop pollution?

Simple! Stop polluting. Of course, to leave no carbon footprint in the world probably means you’re dead. If you still want to enjoy your life though, you can: downsize your car and house, walk or bike, eat local, fresh food. Teach your kids to not waste water, food, electricity, etc. Don’t throw things away if they can be donated or recycled. Grow food, plant a tree, donate to green or Eco-friendly charities. Just do something to promote a smarter, more efficient lifestyle rather than continuing the old, unhealthy one. Stop using plastic, stop jet setting around the globe on a weekly basis, take the bus. Do something to reduce the resources you consume.

  • What can I do to help others realize they’re polluting the earth, too?

It starts with yourself. We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Lead by example,” so do it. If you want people in your neighborhood to start recycling, start yourself. If you want to start a carpool, start offering to take people to work in your car. If you want your kids to start using less water, use less water yourself. You’d be amazed at how many people will follow in your footsteps when you just take the first step.

  • I’m not a hippie, so how can I be green or eco friendly?

News flash, my friend. You don’t have to be a hippie (which is awesome) to save the planet. Disclaimer: when you start saving the planet, people start calling you a hippie no matter how many guns you own or whether or not you voted Republican in the last election. All you have to do is start being smarter about the resources you consume, what you allow to happen in your community, and how you spend your money. That’s it- but it’s more difficult than it sounds. In reality, what you need is a desire to see the world change. Do you have that? Then you’re already a hippie. Embrace it!