About Us

Hello, beautiful world, and welcome to our website about climate change, pollution, and what you can do to reverse the effects humankind has done to our planet. Disclaimer: we are a bunch of old, dirty hippies, and we are definitely here to encourage you to hug some trees. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a little bit more about who we are.

Tate is a 50-something garden loving mama of 6. She has been married for nearly 30 years, and has spent most of those 30 years having babies and raising them up. About 20 years ago, she and her husband moved their then) family of 6 to Vermont to start a goat farm. They had lived in New York City, but concerns about their youngest child’s health made them seek cleaner air, closed ties to the land, and a better relationship with food. Tate now blogs frequently on the connections between pollution, manufactured food, and child health and behavior.


Alana is a 60-something single spinster who, yes, has a gaggle of cats that greet her when she comes home at night. She studied at Berkeley in the mid ‘70’s, and hasn’t shaken the hippie persona since. She worked for a number of environmental nonprofits through the Reagan and Bush administrations, and has since joined forces with “the younger crowd” to increase awareness and education efforts in higher education in the United States. Her outreach efforts are aimed at making the younger generations realize that they’re the ones who will be dealing with the problems created by her generation.

Betsy is a 70-something grandma of seven, and spends her time split evenly between earning a living coaching businesses on how to “green up” and spending that living spoiling her grandkids. Betsy recently lost her husband to lung cancer caused by particle poisoning – a result of working in unregulated construction and renovation services. Since being diagnosed with cancer, Betsy and her late husband worked to educate people on the health risks associated with pollution. She wants people to know that pollution doesn’t just ruin the planet- it ruins your health and your life, too.

The string that holds this bag of crazy together is Cami, who is a 30-something soon to be mother who loves the planet and hates pollution. She was a marketing and design major, and is the reason that 3 women hovering around retirement age can even have a website in the first place. Cami is passionate about what she can do to make the world a better place, starting with her own actions. She plans to raise her child as plastic free as can be, and will blog about her misadventures in green parenting.

All four women met at a local community garden meet up, and decided to give this website thing a go. Now, they blog about concerns about pollution in the US, and they also give their readers actionable tips to keep moving the needle to Eco-friendly in the United States.